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  • Is it possible that other person can drive the car except me?

Yes, the electronic contract has place for two authorized drivers.


  • What if I have problems with the car?

City Rent offers support at any time. All details you will receive when renting vehicles.


  • What about insurances?

All vehicles are insured against liability for damage caused to third parties. CDW and TP-payment of a daily supplement for CDW and TP limits the liability for damage and theft of vehicles on the amount of the deductible amounts to 400 euros for the vehicle group ACF (the equivalent in convertible marks).


  • Is there a limit as to age for renting a vehicle?

You must be 21 years or more and be two years or more in possession of a driver's license. For some groups are more restrictions on cars.


  • What documents do I have to give an insight in the rent?

You have disclosed a valid driver's license that is issued on your behalf, issued in the country where you reside. It is necessary to give insight on a valid credit card and identity documents.


  • What is a Rental Agreement?

Rental Agreement is a formal agreement on the use of vehicles leased by the City Rent and vehicle users. City Rent give a user to use the vehicle under the conditions specified in this Agreement.


  • Are my credit card charges in the rent?

Your card will be charged in advance, shall be the same validity checks (pre-authorize).


  • Do I need to check the condition of the car before driving?

Yes, it is necessary to check the overall condition of the vehicle, recorded on a separate form the vehicle and if the observed abnormality that is not registered, please inform our staff.


Is there a limit for mileage?

Our rates include unlimited mileage, with the exception of special types of vehicles.


  • Can I drive into another country?

Allowed to ride outside BiH. For some groups of vehicles and some states require the consent of the City Rent


  • What if a mechanical failure or crash?

Car City offers support at any time. The telephone numbers are listed on the contract documents. In the event of breakdown or accident during the term of the lease, call City rent, a case of accident you must call the police.


What if I return the car late?

Delays can have an effect on the rental price. Late to 2 hours. Greater delay will be charged an extra day.


  • Do I need to restore a full tank of fuel?

All vehicles are rented with a full tank, and so returned. Otherwise, the charge spent fuel and service charge.


  • Can I extend the lease?

Extending the lease is possible at the time of delivery of the car or during the lease term, in consultation with the employee and the City rent.


  • Can I return the vehicle outside business hours?

Yes, but need to check this possibility with our staff.


  • Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle before checking out the cars?

Yes, if you see damage inform of our new employees.


  • Are there additional services that I pay?

Yes, accessories such as child seats, roof rails, winter tires are available at lower cost. Delivery and collection outside the offices City Rent, sorcery and taking out the working hours shall be subject to additional charges in some cases.


  • What types of payments accepted by CityRent?

City Rent accepts credit cards: Visa, American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard. 



  • What is the time period for canceling a car rental?

Car rental can be canceled at least 48 hours before the booked date... 

  • How can I cancel a car rental?

Car rental can only be canceled by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email you received when booking the vehicle ... 

  • If I do not cancel the car rental on time, what amount of money is charged?

If you do not cancel the reservation on time, the full amount will be charged ...